Gamma 30: Documentation of models in the obsolescent Nidec Gamma 30 series of miniature dc-powered centrifugal blowers is available here.

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A34122 34122 A34122-16 A34122-16C A34122-33 A34122-33C A34122-55 A34122-55C A34122-57 A34122-58 A34122-68 A34122-68C A34122-82 A34122-82C

A34146 34146 A34146-16 A34146-16C A34146-33 A34146-33C A34146-55 A34146-55C A34146-57 A34146-58 A34146-68 A34146-68C A34146-82 A34146-82C

A34123 34123 A34123-16 A34123-16C A34123-33 A34123-33C A34123-55 A34123-55C A34123-57 A34123-58 A34123-68 A34123-68C A34123-82 A34123-82C

A34147 34147 A34147-16 A34147-16C A34147-33 A34147-33C A34147-55 A34147-55C A34147-57 A34147-58 A34147-68 A34147-68C A34147-82 A34147-82C

A34124 34124 A34124-16 A34124-16C A34124-33 A34124-33C A34124-55 A34124-55C A34124-57 A34124-58 A34124-68 A34124-68C A34124-82 A34124-82C

A34148 34148 A34148-16 A34148-16C A34148-33 A34148-33C A34148-55 A34148-55C A34148-57 A34148-58 A34148-68 A34148-68C A34148-82 A34148-82C

UltraFlo - New High-Performance Cooling Fans and Blowers from Nidec.